Who we are (Ayohin iyo’ xaa).

CSLB C-10 License #1056623


About 3,500 years ago, Tatavíam (people facing the sun) ancient ancestors migrated from a Takic speaking group of the Northern Uto-Aztecan language family in the northeast to the coastal edges of Los Angeles County, and settled in villages throughout the area in 450 AD. 

Tataviam eventually formed the villages that make up the extensive Fernandeño network system. Each village contained a lineage with multiple families within them that traded and intermarried with those of other lineages. Each village was multi-lingual, cultural, and ceremonial.  

Today, Tatavíam still inhabit and (as in history) thrive in what’s known today as the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Simi, and Antelope Valleys.  

We’re heavily invested in the areas of community, government, non-profit organization, and for-profit enterprise.  

FTBMI fruitfully interact with the United States of America, California (and it’s diverse communities), Los Angeles, and other tribes throughout the United States.


Paseki Strategies Corporation is just one leg of Tatavíam enterprise.  Our ambition is dedicated to contributing to the overall health of the planet in smart, efficient, sustainable, and clean ways. We recognize the harmful effects of (Co2) and are working hard to promote atmospheric wellness for the greater good of the future!